CBD For Sleep

CBD Hits The Mainstream and Sleep Benefits

For hundreds of years CBD has been used for improving sleep. For a variety of reasons in the 1930s, CBD fell out of fashion and its mainstream use for the improvement of sleep gradually declined. Eventually CBD became an outlaw in the medical world. Its uses and the research around it’s healing properties basically stopped in the medical world. Fortunately, times have changed, and CBD is once again back on the side of health and wellness with help from the US Farm Bill in 2018. Since then there has been a huge resurgence in the use of CBD, particularly for the use of improving sleep. The use of CBD in sleep studies is on the rise and the findings are positive. We may have more in common with our great grandparents than we thought.

CBD Calms The Mind

What our great grandparents knew was that CBD has a calming effect and can be used to treat insomnia. The sleep studies that have recently been published around this subject agree with them. There is evidence that CBD has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Literally CBD helps us relax. CBD helps turn down the volume on the overworked central nervous system and is particularly helpful when we are trying to fall and stay asleep. Sometimes it can feel like we are doing really well, not too stressed or anxious, and we are ready for bed. Even then we are unable to calm the mind and body enough to sleep. It’s almost as though once we are ready to sleep and we are laying down we become unable to sleep. We can’t calm the mind or the body down on our own, despite being tired. In those times, CBD is an important agent in helping us calm down and fall asleep. And while we might not know exactly why sleep is so important, we do know that it is important, and we know aspects of our health that it impacts.

Sleep Is Vital

What we do know is that sleep is vital to our health and overall wellbeing. Throughout our lives our sleep quality and quantity play a role in our mental health, the quality of our daily life, our physical safety and physical mental health. Good sleep positively impacts how we feel during the day. It plays a large role in healthy brain function and repair of the body during the night. Your immune system needs sleep to stay healthy. Ongoing sleep deficiency can change how your immune system responds to infections, colds, and viruses. We can actually feel run down from a lack of sleep. Poor sleep can also affect how we think, work, interact with other people. Poor sleep can raise our risk of chronic health problems. Quite frankly, poor sleep can simply make us less happy. There is a bidirectional relationship between sleep and mental health. Poor sleep can be a cause of poor mental health, not just a consequence as was previously thought. As sleep research continues to progress, we will learn more and more about the purpose and function of sleep on our bodies.

Sleep Aids

With a myriad of reasons why good restful sleep is important and poor fitful sleep is harmful, it seems good enough to say that we need sleep, we want sleep, and we want it to be good sleep. For some of us, it is elusive. Which can naturally be frustrating. Fortunately, there are solutions. There are sleep experts, rules on good sleep hygiene, and a large number of supplements on the market to try. Some are certainly better than others and some are less harmful and addictive than others. For a more natural solution, there is CBD. It is time tested, research tested, and all natural. CBD doesn’t alter consciousness or trigger a high. We won’t be experiencing the stoned feeling that can be associated with cannabis use. Additionally, research shows CBD does not exhibit effects indicative of abuse or dependence. There is no evidence that pure CBD causes any public health related issues. CBD is a product that calms your system naturally, doesn’t cause addictive use, positively impacts sleep, and doesn’t have a negative impact on your community.

CBD As A Sleep Aid

CBD is a wonderful adjunct to your sleep routine. Studies on the impact of CBD on sleep show positive results. People were able to sleep longer. Human adults generally need seven or more hours of sleep a night. CBD can help you sleep your full 8 hours. It also helps you fall asleep faster. Cut down on the tossing and turning before falling asleep. One study found that a nightly dose of CBD had a therapeutic effect on insomnia. The sleep scores demonstrated mild improvement on long term sleep consistency and showed a significant decrease in anxiety. A decrease in poor sleep and a decrease in anxiety play a large role in your overall well-being. Just a few nights of poor sleep, losing 1-2 hours each night, will have you functioning and reacting much slower than usual. Good sleep helps you be more productive and function at a higher level. The power of good sleep can’t be underestimated. While it is something that our great grandparents knew, now we have the research to back it up.

Additionally, the present findings support the proposal that CBD do not alter normal sleep architecture. So, for those who know the value of good sleep and have already achieved it, no need to worry. Using CBD for other issues will not negatively impact your sleep. In other words, CBD will not disrupt or alter the good sleep that you are already experiencing. Any CBD side effects, severe mental health issues, or concerns can always be discussed with your doctor. We will continue to research, track, and report back on the uses of CBD, especially as it relates to sleep. Everyone deserves good restful sleep. Hopefully CBD is able to get you to the restful state that you desire. Check our other guides for additional uses of CBD and sweet dreams.

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